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Welcome to the Aquaspace ToolBox and Masters Module website.

Aquaspace (2015-2018) was a research project aiming to understand spatial and socio-economic constraints on the expansion of aquaculture, and to test tools to help overcome these constraints. Its full title was ‘Ecosystem Approach to making Space for Aquaculture’. It had 22 partners and 17 Case Studies in Europe, China, North America, Australia and New Zealand. One Case Study was of the farming of freshwater fish in Hungary, the others dealt with the marine farming of fin-fish and shell-fish.

This website has four, interlinked, components:

If you are working in the fields of marine spatial planning or the environmental effects of aquaculture, you might be able to go directly to the ToolBox and find something to interest you. If you would like a simple introduction to the topics dealt with by Aquaspace, view the Aquaspace results videos (in the Library). We also recommend the ToolBox site made by the ECASA project (2004-2008) for an introduction to environmental interactions of aquaculture.

The organisations forming the Aquaspace consortium are listed below. Some of their scientists introduce themselves in the video.